Panasonic Leads European Rugged Notebook Market For 10th Consecutive Year With 65.8% Unit Share



Panasonic Toughbook computers extended its leadership of the European rugged and durable notebook market for the 10th consecutive year in 2011 ending with a 65.8% unit share, according to analyst group VDC Research. Panasonic also grew rapidly in the European rugged slate tablet market, taking second position, with a 17.4% unit share.

Toughbook computer’s unit share of the Durable and Rugged Notebook/Convertible Notebook Computers market grew from 65% in 2010 to 65.8% in 2011. European growth was seen in markets such as alternative energy, smart meters, automotive diagnostics, e-patient record access and internet retail delivery. All these markets require mobile workers in challenging environments to have reliable and secure access to applications.

Panasonic Toughbook computers also experienced double digit overall unit growth in 2011, bucking the negative growth of business laptops over the same time period in Western Europe.

Panasonic’s rapid growth in rugged slate tablets was due to the rapid adoption of its Toughbook CF-D1 and CF-H2 fully rugged devices. The CF-D1 is a rugged industrial tablet, designed with support from global car manufacturers, for conducting the latest diagnostics on engines, automobiles, trucks and machines in either the workshop or field environment. The CF-H2 is a second generation, fully rugged tablet PC and comes in 2 versions: The Field model is designed for field workers in indoor or outdoor harsh environments and the Mobile Clinical Assistant model is designed specifically for health workers.

“This latest market research further underlines the benefits our rugged notebooks, and now our rugged tablets, are bringing to organisations across Europe that are trying to cut costs, improve workforce productivity and customer service,” said Stephen Yeo, Director of the Marketing Communications Group, for Panasonic Systems Communications Europe. “Designed to be fit for purpose, our Toughbook devices are created with the user in mind, using the latest technology to give our business customers the edge in whatever industries or working conditions they operate.”

David Krebs, VP of Mobile and Wireless at VDC Research concludes:
“Panasonic and its broad portfolio of Toughbook rugged notebooks and tablets is well aligned to meet its customer’s mission and business critical mobile computing needs. Panasonic has long been the benchmark in the rugged and durable notebook market and has rapidly emerged as a strong rugged tablet contender.”