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Phone number: 068 0100 426
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BRACKNELL, UK. 7th September 2021 – Panasonic today announced the latest version of its TOUGHBOOK 55 notebook, which is as versatile as ever but with improved performance, connectivity and security. When launched in 2019, the TOUGHBOOK 55 set a new benchmark for mobile computing by enabling users for the first time to customise their device for different tasks while in the field. The latest TOUGHBOOK 55 maintains this popular modular approach but has been updated with the latest technologies ideal for users in field services, automotive, emergency and security services.


Improved performance, memory and storage - all at a similar price point – in Panasonic’s latest generation 2-in1 rugged detachable notebook.

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Figyelmeztetés a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G1 töltésének leállításáról!

A Panasonic 2017 májusa óta végzi ennek az akkumulátornak a visszahívását.